Muckle-Wells Syndrome

Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! Today is probably the only day that is not directly related to books.

I decided to include this segment because my autoimmune disease is such a big part of my life. I mean it does take up my whole body.

I wanted to take a day for anyone out there struggling to know they’re not alone. As well as talk about how I cope with it.

So for the first day I’m going to tell you I have Muckle-Wells Syndrome.  It’s a one in a million disease so really I’m one in a million.

Muckle-wells Syndrome means a lot of things. It means I’m losing my hearing, my immune system attacks my organs because it thinks they’re foreign, and that I have vasculitis which is a type of rash.

It means I inject myself with a low dose of chemotherapy once a week because I can’t keep down the pill form.

It also means pain, hospital visits, and many, many blood draws.

Reading is one way I get through it. It makes hospital visits and doctor’s appointments go by faster. It helps me escape the pain of it all. But reading is only one small way I cope.

I hope that one non-book post a week will not scare you away but instead you learn from this one day and maybe even help yourself get through tough times whether it be mental, physical, temporary, or forever. I hope you continue to read my blog and continue this journey with me.

Peace, love, and healing,



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