Music Monday for Summer Wives and Amber and Dusk


Hey hey hey! I’m back!

I took a little hiatus. The holidays were hard and I couldn’t get my act together but here I am.

So today I’m making playlists for the two books I’ve recently finished Summer Wives


And Amber and Dusk


Summer Wives

šŸŽµSummer Loving- Grease

šŸŽµSummer Girls- Life of the Party

šŸŽµSummertime- New Kids on the Block

Clearly there’s a theme there.

Amber and Dusk

šŸŽµDo You Believe in Magic- Lovin’ Spoonful

šŸŽµEverything is Not as it Seems- Selena Gomez

šŸŽµHalls of Illusions- Insane Clown Posse

I will see you tomorrow for Tasty Tuesday!


P.S. I’m super excited about the change of my bookstagram aesthetic and I can’t wait to show you more! Amber and Dusk is the old and Summer Wives is the new!


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