Whole30 Round 1

For this tasty Tuesday and probably the next few I’ll be talking about Whole30 and sharing what I’ve made. This is hopefully going to be my first full round. I tried two years ago and ended up so sick. But anyway I am officially halfway through today! Let me talk about my first meal!


I like to keep things simple on Whole30 (mainly because staying away from sweets is hard enough) but I made sweet potato home fries, egg muffins, and then some fruit.

For the home fries I mixed garlic, salt, chopped sweet potatoes, and scallions in a bowl and then cooked them in a pan. Simple? Simple.

Egg muffins are just as easy. For mine I mixed in spinach and avocado. Grease your pan (sometimes I forget) pour the mix to just under the brim (they rise) and bake for 12-15 minutes at 350!

I could live off egg muffins and you’ll see a lot of those recipes in the next few weeks. They’re super quick and easy to take on the go.

For those that don’t know Whole30 is a “diet”. It cuts out everything artificial and sticks to healthy fats, protein, fruits, and veggies. You want your plate to be 2/3 veggies, palm size protein, and a little healthy fat. Fruit is optional however I need sweetness in my life.

That was meal 1 for the first week of Whole30 for me. Stay tuned for more recipes and I’ll see you tomorrow for Wellness Wednesday!



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