Cold Urticaria

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to Wellness Wednesday! Today we’re going to talk about a condition I have that is caused by Muckle-wells Syndrome. It’s called Cold Urticaria and for those of you (like me) who don’t know medical terminology it means I’m allergic to the cold.

I had no idea a thing could exist until I was diagnosed. A lot of people think I’m joking and say they are too. Then I whip out my EpiPen to show I’m serious (and not subtle).

A few things happen. I break out in hives and I have a hard time breathing in cold weather. My tongue also sometimes swells when I eat ice cream. It’s random and I never know how my body will react.

Getting out of the shower, hives. Going into a hot tub, hives. Running after my dog in January during a snowstorm in a tank top and shorts, hives.

It’s just another part of being a medical mystery.

I’ll see you tomorrow for This Then That Thursday!


P.S. Happy Appreciate a Dragon DayIMG_20190116_070647_878.jpg


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